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It’s All About Obama!

You can’t spell “America” with O-B-A-M-A. Well you could but who’d want to, right? At least Obama wouldn’t. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a politician as self obsessed as Obama -and that’s saying something. IN talking about American exceptionalism,… Continue Reading →

In 2008, Who Could’ve Predicted This? (Fixed)

If in 2008 you had pondered the outcome of a winner-take-all matchup between president-elect Barack Obama and then Archbishop of Milwaukee Timothy Dolan, I think few would’ve considered it a fair fight. As President-elect Barack Obama stood between the Greek… Continue Reading →

Wait, I Thought Obama Was Beating the Church

If you’ve been paying attention to the battle between the Catholic Church and the Obama administration and listening to the scorecard keeping by the media, you’d think it’s been a rout for the administration. How many talking heads have called… Continue Reading →

This Flag is the Perfect Metaphor for Obama

Democratic Party Office in Florida Flies Defaced American Flag With Obama’s Face Replacing the Stars, according to Ace. This is the perfect flag for the Obama administration. Obama replacing the states. He’s been rolling over state’s rights since the day… Continue Reading →

Liberal Ladies Suddenly Preach Abstinence!

A group of liberal women are putting together a Sex strike for Obamacare. The women’s group “Liberal Ladies Who Lunch” is going on a sex strike called “Access Denied: Sex Strike.” The event, which is scheduled to take place between… Continue Reading →

Obama Says He’s “Generally Proud” of Military

Generally proud? Generally? That’s something you say about your 23 year old who’s living in the basement who can’t leave the basement because his ankle bracelet will start beeping on account of his three DUI’s and missed paternity payments to… Continue Reading →

Will Contraception Fight Help Dems?

It’s been a topic of speculation as to why Obama is pushing the contraceptive mandate on Catholic institutions. Why pick this fight? There’s one school of thought that says President Obama is like the scorpion riding on top of the… Continue Reading →

Laughable Hypcorisy from Obama

President Obama held a press conference today, mainly to tee off on Limbaugh. Firstly, the media are a bunch of boobs because not one of them asked a substantive about the HHS contraceptive mandate as an infringement of religious liberty… Continue Reading →

98% of Catholics Don’t Look at the Crucifix

You might recall the legal complaint filed against The Catholic University of America by a law professor at a nearby school on behalf of Muslims. The complaint alleged that Muslim students couldn’t pray whenever they wanted because there were all… Continue Reading →

Obama Advisor: Kids from Large Families Are Dumb

As da 5th or sixth kid in a big fambly, I guess I’m like kinda’ dumm. At leest das wat da Whyte House sez. Terry Jeffrey of CNS writes: John P. Holdren, the top science adviser to President Barack Obama,… Continue Reading →

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