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From Leni Riefenstahl to Barack Obama…With Love

This is some of the best writing I’ve seen about the HHS contraceptive mandate. Please check it out: Memo: From Leni Riefenstahl To: President Barack Obama Schatzi, it’s been over a year since I last wrote you. Please forgive me…. Continue Reading →

A Contraceptive Just for Catholics!

HT The Looking Spoon

Abp. Dolan Wants to Believe Obama’s Not Anti-Christian But…

I’m pretty sure President Obama is going to start sporting a wife beater. He continues beating on those whom he professes to love. Oh and Catholics are the spouse with the split lip and the closed eye who refuses to… Continue Reading →

Great Obama Mandate Poster

Margaret Kolb made this and sent it out.

Kneel Before Zod!

I am sometimes accused of seeing things in black and white. But it’s not true. I see everything in bright colors with the words “Bam” of “Oooof” inscribed onto them. I see things in Tolkien vision. Good and evil exist…. Continue Reading →

It’s Obama vs. The Bishops

In the weeks leading up to the announcement of the HHS mandate I remember speaking to a few folks who said they thought Obama would just bury the issue until after the election. They said that everything has to do… Continue Reading →

Media Lies About Obama “Compromise” with Catholics

CNN reported yesterday that the Obama administration just announced they’re willing to compromise with Catholics over the HHS mandate. Great…except…it’s a complete fabrication. And I mean a complete fabrication. Check out the report here: What is actually being said by… Continue Reading →

“Bonhoeffer” Author Compares Obama’s HHS Mandate to Nazi Germany

Whoa. MSNBC must have lost its mind today when author/guest compared President Obama’s encroachment of religious liberty to the first steps taken by the Nazis in Germany. Something tells me that this is the last time “Bonhoeffer” author Eric Metaxas… Continue Reading →

Santorum: Obama Hostile to Christians

Senator Rick Santorum yesterday called Obama’s administration “hostile to people of faith, particularly Christians, and specifically Catholics” according to the LA Times. Good on Rick. Catholics need to beat this drum until this country wakes up. And right now Rick… Continue Reading →

It’s A Outrage!!!

Resist we much! The Reverend Al tortures logic so badly here it’s comical in order to defend Obama’s outrageous attack on religious liberty. Rev. Al says Obama must break the separation of Church and state in order to preserve it…. Continue Reading →

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