This is some of the best writing I’ve seen about the HHS contraceptive mandate. Please check it out:

Memo: From Leni Riefenstahl

To: President Barack Obama

Schatzi, it’s been over a year since I last wrote you. Please forgive me. It’s been so hot here I can barely stand to touch the keyboard. Not that I don’t appreciate the green energy projects you funded to cool off this place, but dear, you know even with the trillions you spent, those projects just keep going under. Yes, I know it helped put billions in the pockets of your donors, but hell is not freezing over you know and we could use energy for the air conditioners.

Anyway, I forced myself to endure the scorching temperatures and pitchforks to congratulate you on those brilliant HHS regulations forcing people to fund insurance coverage for abortions, sterilizations and birth control against their consciences.

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