This may sound strange, every time I hear some Republican talking head opine or even express hope for a brokered convention, I know that conservatives are winning.

Several months ago, your heard the conservative wing of the party hoping to “keep the process going” and “maybe it will be decided at the convention.” No more. Now it is their turn.

I have seen and heard so much opinion on the idea and possibility of a brokered convention from establishment (read weenie wishy washy I like lower taxes and abortion riff raff) that it has made me wonder, what has changed?

We have gone from “He is inevitable, get over it and get used to it” to “maybe we will have a brokered convention and we can nominate some un-vetted candidate who will somehow be more palatable to the general electorate which we condescendingly assume shares our same lack of conviction.”

You know what that smells like? Smells like inevitability going up in flames. I love the smell of inevitability in the morning, smells like victory.

When the same milquetoast morons who told us this thing was over in December before a single vote was cast are now hoping against hope for a brokered convention so that they can promote the RINO savior du jour, you know they have have their unseemly faith shaken.

Santorum still has a big hill to climb, especially now that Mitt Drudge has arrows pointed at him, but the game has changed. The RINO’s no longer expect a walk in the park, now they want to avoid the park altogether.

Can’t let those common people pick a nominee, they like things like faith, liberty, and guns.

But here is the thing. I think a brokered convention might produce the most conservative nominee possible. The delegates are bound on the first round, but if currently polling is indicative of anything, it shoes that there is a majority with no taste for milquetoast. A brokered convention might just be a conservative’s best hope.

One can’t know about these things as it has not happened in the modern era on the Republican side. If the RINO’s are pinning their hopes on a brokered convention, I think they are even greater fools than before. A brokered convention can go a lot of ways, but the chances of another candidate joining the fray to emerge as nominee is laughable. Even in a brokered convention, your nominee is Mitt, Rick, or Newt. No other.

The days of smokey back room deals are over. The delegates will decide. The RINO’s might of course win such a melee, but it by no means assured.

If this is the RINO’s best hope, we are winning.