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In 2008, Who Could’ve Predicted This? (Fixed)

If in 2008 you had pondered the outcome of a winner-take-all matchup between president-elect Barack Obama and then Archbishop of Milwaukee Timothy Dolan, I think few would’ve considered it a fair fight. As President-elect Barack Obama stood between the Greek… Continue Reading →

Fr. Higgins’ Inspiring Speech at the Religious Liberty Rally

This is a heckuva’ speech from Father John Higgins, the Pastor of Saint Raymond’s parish in California. We need more like him… I’m the son of a Korean War vet and an Ohio girl. Raised in the Methodist Church, of… Continue Reading →

Question for the 98%

The figure that 98% of women who have used contraceptives is made up. But never mind that. That number is being used as a weapon against the Catholic church. A philosophy professor at the University of Notre Dame declared in… Continue Reading →

Will Contraception Fight Help Dems?

It’s been a topic of speculation as to why Obama is pushing the contraceptive mandate on Catholic institutions. Why pick this fight? There’s one school of thought that says President Obama is like the scorpion riding on top of the… Continue Reading →

You’ve Got to Hear This Homily on the HHS Mandate

On February 5, 2012 Father Sammie Maletta delivered a Homily at St. John the Evangelist Parish in St. John, Indiana. This Homily addressed how President Obama is threatening our Religious Freedom and declaring war with the Catholic Church. I normally… Continue Reading →

Holder: First Amendment Allows Us to Force Catholics to Buy Contraception

The Justice Department will defend the HHS contraceptive mandate against legal challenges like those filed by The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. But that’s to be expected. But on top of that, according to CNS News, Attorney General Eric Holder… Continue Reading →

From Leni Riefenstahl to Barack Obama…With Love

This is some of the best writing I’ve seen about the HHS contraceptive mandate. Please check it out: Memo: From Leni Riefenstahl To: President Barack Obama Schatzi, it’s been over a year since I last wrote you. Please forgive me…. Continue Reading →

Dem Scolds Bishop

I’ve got to admit to you I never even heard of Rep. Gerry Connolly until just now. But he’s got to be one of the leading jerks in Congress right now. He scolds the panel arguing in favor of conscience… Continue Reading →

New Fake Rights Trump Old Real Ones

The Rev. Al and Senator (Mam) Barbara Boxer can’t imagine that some believe religious liberty trumps your right to demand things of religious people! Yeah, that’s seriously what they’re saying. For years, the minting of new “rights” has been a… Continue Reading →

Abp. Dolan Wants to Believe Obama’s Not Anti-Christian But…

I’m pretty sure President Obama is going to start sporting a wife beater. He continues beating on those whom he professes to love. Oh and Catholics are the spouse with the split lip and the closed eye who refuses to… Continue Reading →

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