The Rev. Al and Senator (Mam) Barbara Boxer can’t imagine that some believe religious liberty trumps your right to demand things of religious people!

Yeah, that’s seriously what they’re saying.

For years, the minting of new “rights” has been a mainstay of liberal politicians. First, there was the right to privacy. There was a “right” to a home. A “right” to a good job. A “right” to healthcare. Democrats campaigned across the country like modern day Johnny Appleseeds doling out new rights to folks for their vote. It was inevitable that when the new rights conflicted with the old rights, the new ones had to win. Look at how the right to the newly minted right to privacy kicked the snot out of the right to life.

But what was left unsaid is that others have to provide those things you have a right to. And once someone else has a “right” to your labor you became a slave to that person. And isn’t that what the government is really doing. Aren’t they making the Church the slave of the state by mandating what they have to do whether it’s against their conscience or not. If a woman has a right to an abortion, your conscience doesn’t trump her right because her right is new and shiny and not old or from that ridiculous piece of paper called The Consti…something.

Normally, I’d watch this video and laugh at the lame-brains. But they’re in charge. This is what the other side believes. They have absolutely no respect for religion, outside of their own Big Government worship. They have no respect for individuals.
I suppose you still have the right to ignore them…until that interferes with a new one.