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New Fake Rights Trump Old Real Ones

The Rev. Al and Senator (Mam) Barbara Boxer can’t imagine that some believe religious liberty trumps your right to demand things of religious people! Yeah, that’s seriously what they’re saying. For years, the minting of new “rights” has been a… Continue Reading →

Some Valentine’s Day Advice from Al Sharpton

This may be the greatest video of all time. It could also be the most painful. Al Sharpton gives mock advice to men for Valentine’s Day. For one thing, I think Sharpton is worth listening to because without any intelligence… Continue Reading →

It’s A Outrage!!!

Resist we much! The Reverend Al tortures logic so badly here it’s comical in order to defend Obama’s outrageous attack on religious liberty. Rev. Al says Obama must break the separation of Church and state in order to preserve it…. Continue Reading →

It’s a Outrage!!

Al Sharpton attempts to read off a teleprompter on his new MSNBC show. Hilarity (and confusion) ensue. This is just too awesome not to share. I think they’d be better off giving a show to Miss South Carolina. HT Weasel… Continue Reading →

Pro-Abort Harassment Leads to Pulling Abortion Billboard

All it took was some pro-abortion harassment, a threat of violence, and the prospect of an Al Sharpton led protest and now a pro-life billboard is being removed from Manhattan. Yup, the billboard that showed a young black girl in… Continue Reading →

Let’s Put Ralphie on Trial Too

Al Sharpton is calling for FCC hearings for Rush Limbaugh because he imitated a Chinese voice in a comical fashion. I’m thinking that if Rush should be on trial shouldn’t we also drag the surviving cast of “A Christmas Story”… Continue Reading →

Palin Killed Michael Jackson?

From Radio Equalizer: A new low has been reached in the world of Al Sharpton on his radio show. FEMALE CALLER (31:50): He (Michael Jackson) is truly the soundtrack of my life. I also have a theory about Sarah Palin… Continue Reading →

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