All it took was some pro-abortion harassment, a threat of violence, and the prospect of an Al Sharpton led protest and now a pro-life billboard is being removed from Manhattan.

Yup, the billboard that showed a young black girl in a pink dress and the words “the most dangerous place for an African-American is in the womb” is gone. Mind you, nobody argued with the facts that the billboard presented. They just don’t want the truth to be known. Remember, silencing opposition is their greatest weapon.

NY Times reports:

“It’s down, or at least it should be coming down soon,” Peter Costanza, the general manager for Lamar Advertising, said in a telephone interview on Thursday. “Why did I take it down? Yesterday, somebody came into the restaurant harassing the waiters and waitresses. I don’t want any violence to happen around the buildings there.”…

“It wasn’t about politics,” Mr. Costanza said, adding that it was more about safety

Letitia James, a City Council member who represents parts of Brooklyn, said she was outraged that Life Always members had said they decided to post the billboard to coincide with Black History Month. Ms. James said she had talked to concerned citizens throughout the day and night on Wednesday, and she directed her staff to start an online petition. Ms. James said she asked MoveOn, the liberal activist group, to post the petition. It went online around 10 a.m. on Thursday, and included Mr. Costanza’s name.

Hal Kilshaw, a spokesman for Lamar Advertising, said that the advertisement had complied with the company’s policy. “It’s our belief that people have a right to express their message,” he said, adding that advertisers must have a disclaimer saying who is sponsoring the message.

“We would have left it up,” he added. “But Peter has become concerned because the wait staff in the restaurant below was harassed by people who objected to the message. There were talks about a protest tomorrow, and he was worried about their safety.”

Ms. James said that before Lamar had decided to pull the ad, she had planned to hold a news conference with the Rev. Al Sharpton on Friday under the billboard.

They posted Costanza’s name on’s website and threatened an Al Sharpton protest and now the billboard is coming down because employees didn’t feel safe.

Understandable in that Sharpton’s protests in the past have led to murders including the Crown Heights Riot.

It’s despicable what’s going on. I hope and pray that Life Always, the group behind the billboard are able to place the billboard elsewhere because hey, there’s a reason that pro-aborts are freaking out about this billboard and wanting it gone. It’s because they know it works.