Lila Rose was over the line with her undercover stings on Planned Parenthood.
Pro-lifers holding up graphic abortion signs are over the line.
The Susan B. Anthony List pointing out in a billboard that a vote for Obamacare was a vote for federal funding of abortion was way over the line.
Trying to talk to women entering an abortion clinic is over the line.
Tim Tebow thanking his mother for choosing life in a SuperBowl ad was waaaaaay over the line.
And now, a pro-life organization erecting a billboard explaining that the abortion rate among African American women is at about 60% making the womb the most dangerous place for an African American baby is also way over the line.

Check out the outrage over the billboard in a local news story:

Nowhere is it mentioned that the abortion industry may be over the line when 60 percent of African American babies are killed in the womb. 60 percent!!!!

Who’s really over the line here? We’re constantly accused of being over the line when we simply point out the reality about abortion in America.

Pro-lifers have so much momentum right now. We are slowly winning hearts and minds but to win we must continue to advance our agenda. We must stay on the offensive while being accused of being offensive perpetually. Just know that every time Big Abortion yells that we’ve somehow crossed a line, we’re probably making progress.

Keep it up pro-lifers!