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Right to Consumer Genetics?

*subhead*Life, liberty and % Neanderthal.*subhead* These days it seems we have a “right” to everything except the rights that are actually given to us by our Creator and enumerated in the Constitution. (My latest favorite is the “right to be… Continue Reading →

New Fake Rights Trump Old Real Ones

The Rev. Al and Senator (Mam) Barbara Boxer can’t imagine that some believe religious liberty trumps your right to demand things of religious people! Yeah, that’s seriously what they’re saying. For years, the minting of new “rights” has been a… Continue Reading →

Citizenship Rights Taken Away?

I know I’m probably gonna’ get it from some of you for this one. Last week I mocked Patrick endlessly for being a liberal woosy for questioning the Arizona bill and many of you ripped into him pretty good as… Continue Reading →

Priest: Abortion Leads to Totalitarianism

Wow. This priest says it all. According to The Catholic Spirit: A Belgian priest told a Vatican academy that U.S. President Barack Obama’s pro-abortion policies will lead the United States toward totalitarianism. “By removing legal safeguards for the protection of… Continue Reading →

Quote Bible – Go To Jail

Thanks to Dale Price for the heads up on this story. A Michigan Minister, on probation for a conviction for election tampering of all things, was sent to prison for 3 years for sending a letter to a judge quoting… Continue Reading →

The Trekkie and Pro-Lifer Symbiosis

The documentary “Lake of Fire” is being called an unblinking look at the violent fight over abortion in the United States. It starts off showing extremely graphic images of actual abortions taking place that worried a New York Times reviewer… Continue Reading →

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