I know I’m probably gonna’ get it from some of you for this one. Last week I mocked Patrick endlessly for being a liberal woosy for questioning the Arizona bill and many of you ripped into him pretty good as well. I called him Michael Moore for days.

Now I fear that Patrick may get his comeuppance on me.

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Joe Lieberman is pursuing legislation that would strip the “citizenship rights” of Americans who commit acts of terrorism. McCain, who by the way is in a bit of a primary race, said that the would be Times Square terrorist shouldn’t be mirandized.

Look, I’m all for prosecuting terrorists to the fullest extent of the law but I’m a little nervous about efforts to strip this terrorist of his rights as a citizen, not so much because I’m worried about him but I’m worried about…me.

Once the federal government creates or discovers a loophole to strip citizenship rights, be assured that the loophole is going to continue widening and widening and it may just end up around our necks.

Couldn’t you foresee a scenario where pro-lifers or Christians acting according to the dictates of their conscience are stripped of their citizenship under a similar clause? Heck, the federal government wants to force doctors and pharmacists to do all sorts of things against their will already.

This administration and their friends in the media have taken to calling all political enemies “UnAmerican” already. It’s not that far of a leap to believe that classification will become legitimized in the future by the government intent on accruing power.

Don’t say it couldn’t happen. Liberals are all about expanding programs and laws much further than their original intent. Remember the pro-aborts attempted to use RICO racketeering laws to criminalize pro-lifers.

Look, the way government is growing by leaps and bounds I foresee a time when Christian conservative protest will be criminalized. I don’t want to hand the government any more levers to be used against me than they already have.

The rights of citizens of the United States cannot be removed because it is the popular thing to do. You can’t say that the government is only going to do this just this one time. Once precedent is set, it will be done again.

If the rights of citizens can be taken away they cease to be rights in any true sense. They would simply become privileges which could be granted and removed by the whim of those in power.