Charlie Crist is a typical self-serving politician whose career may or may not be nearing its end. But that doesn’t mean he won’t do great damage before the issue is decided.

Florida legislators passed an ultrasound law similar to Oklahoma’s last week. Now, it’s up to Charlie Crist (Independent)to sign it or veto it. And there’s really no telling what Charlie will do. The only guarantee is that Charlie will do what Charlie thinks is good for Charlie. It sickens me to know that the debate in Charlie Crist’s office is all about polls and triangulating rather than on the issue of life.

The ACLU is urging Crist to veto while the pro-life community urges him to sign it.

NBC in Miami reports:

Democrats immediately looked for a veto from Crist, who had just returned to the Capitol after surrendering his role as the titular head of the Republican Party.

“He has some concern with the bill,” Crist spokesman Sterling Ivey said. “(He) wants to review it when it reaches his desk.”

Ya’ gotta’ love that. “He has some concern with the bill.” Yeah, Crist is concerned that he might not get reelected if he signs it. I have no reason to believe that Crist will make the right decision for the right reason but I’m still hoping and praying he makes the right decision for the wrong reasons.