The figure that 98% of women who have used contraceptives is made up. But never mind that. That number is being used as a weapon against the Catholic church.

A philosophy professor at the University of Notre Dame declared in the New York Times that the bishops no longer decide morality in the Church and that “the immorality of birth control is no longer a teaching of the Catholic Church.”

The argument essentially goes that wherever 98% or more are gathered in their own name, they’re the new magisterium. They say how can 98 percent of Catholics who have used contraceptives be wrong?

But I also wonder what percentage of Catholics who have used contraceptives think it’s wrong.

I’m sure there are folks who, at one time, used contraceptives but looking back now realize it was wrong.

And I’d bet there are folks right now who currently use contraceptives who are at least conflicted about it or perhaps believe contraceptive is sinful but don’t have the strength to accept the Church’s teaching. So while they may use contraceptives and count among the alleged 98 percent, they actually suspect or actually believe it’s sinful. And don’t think it’s unlikely. I’d guarantee if you asked Catholics about all sorts of sins they’ll have committed them but still believe they’re wrong.

Lusting, coveting, lying, and thieving and all sorts of sins would likely score pretty high on the “have you ever done this” scale. But does that mean we should get rid of prohibitions against such activities?

We are a Church of sinners. Not 98 percent of us. 100 percent of us are sinners. That doesn’t mean there are no sins. It just means we’re all sinners in need of a Church to guide us.