I am sometimes accused of seeing things in black and white. But it’s not true. I see everything in bright colors with the words “Bam” of “Oooof” inscribed onto them. I see things in Tolkien vision. Good and evil exist. I view the world through a prism of capes and tights. And I’m not talking about the new school anti-hero comics but the old school Supes vs. Lex kind of way.

That’s how I see this contraceptive mandate for religious institutions. One of the climactic moments of Superman II (and oh yeah, there were many) was the moment when the villain (heck, supervillain!) demands that all should “Kneel before Zod.”

Well, President Obama seems to channeling his inner Zod by forcing Catholic institutions to do his will and act against their own conscience. In short, he’s attempting to force Christians to kneel before him. In this, I think he’s gone a bridge too far because Christians are kinda’ particular as to whom they kneel to.

I think Obama realized he’d gone too far so he announced his “accommodation” that doesn’t actually accommodate anyone but the far left. This would seem to be a test. Within seconds of the announced “accommodation” you heard the thud of Sister Carol Keehan’s knees hitting the ground on her “Hope and Change” knee pads. She’d been separated from Obama too long to stand it any longer.

But the statement from the bishops is an impressive refutation of the so-called compromise. The letter written by O. Carter Snead of the University of Notre Dame and signed by John Garvey,the president of Catholic University, has an impressive list of signatories.

It’s come to this in this country, you may have to eventually decide between being Catholic and an American. That’s a tragedy. Obama has placed himself in the role of the Creator endowing very alienable rights. But there’s a big difference between Obama and God. God left people free will. Obama? Not so much.

When Supes was told to kneel before Zod, he’d been forced to make a decision as to whether he was going to be a mere mortal of was he going to be something more. It seems to me we must make the same decision. Are we mere Earthlings who live for earthly pleasures or are we something more? Supes opted for the something more. He had a cape and tights which I don’t think I’ll go with but I’m with him metaphorically.

I am no mere mortal.I am no mere Earthling.

Now, the question is who will you kneel to? We all must make the choice now. Will you allow the government to dictate the actions of faith institutions? Will you kneel before Zod?

For me and mine, we will not comply. We will not kneel.