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Kneel Before Zod!

I am sometimes accused of seeing things in black and white. But it’s not true. I see everything in bright colors with the words “Bam” of “Oooof” inscribed onto them. I see things in Tolkien vision. Good and evil exist…. Continue Reading →

Caption Contest for the New Superman!

1) Queer Eye for the Caped Guy 2) On a positive note, the new Superman movie will break box office records in San Francisco. 3) Chaz Bono said, “Duuuude.” 4) Did they get this from Freddie Mercury’s secret walk-in closet?… Continue Reading →

Superman Renounces His Citizenship

Today I found out Obama actually is an American and that Superman isn’t. Chalk it up as a bad bad day. Weasel Zippers has the story but essentially it’s a bunch of leftist anti-American idiot comic book writers playing out… Continue Reading →

Lex Luthor Wears Eleanor Holmes-Norton PJ’s

Lex Luthor wears Eleanor Holmes-Norton pajamas to bed. I say this because poor Lex’s sole ambition in life was to destroy Metropolis. One little fictional city and he couldn’t get it done. Now compare Lex’s futility with the masterful destruction… Continue Reading →

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