I know he’s probably the media’s favorite Republican as he’s pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage but if the media cares at all about regular Americans, please stop playing speeches by George Pataki.

I was in the car today when the news hit that Pataki was running for President. The station actually broke in to Pataki’s speech. No sooner did I hear him when I noticed myself yawning. Looking around I saw other cars swerving. It was like Pataki induced narcolepsy. I’m sure we were all suffering from Pataki’s monochromatic delivery, his lifeless rhetoric, and absolutely unsurprising stances.

I’m sure that the roadway I was traveling is not the only one that saw an increase in accidents and near accidents during the interminable sound clip unleashed upon America. I fear for people at home listening to the radio or watching television with something on the stove. Some might just collapse right there on the kitchen floor, endangering everyone in the house.

Media, if you care about people at all, please please please stop playing sound snippets from George Pataki.