Because life has to be so easy that you have to make the abortion pill tasty. This is the ultimate isn’t it?

NRL News:

In the pharmaceutical industry, as soon as someone makes a widely selling drug, it usually isn’t long before there are lots of companies trying to figure out the formula and sell knockoff generics.

To gain a foothold in a highly competitive market, though, you’ve got to have some gimmick – lower prices, a memorable name, a good marketing programs, free delivery, etc. – to stand out and make a profit.

Cipla, a major pharmaceutical maker and exporter from India, thinks they’ve found a way to distinguish their MTP single pack kits – add popular flavors like strawberry, chocolate… and cannabis.

The “MTP” stands for “medical termination of pregnancy.” Unbelievable at it sounds, Cipla is selling flavored abortion pills.

Hey, if you’re going to end a life, there’s no reason to have a chalky aftertaste right? Hey, just because you’re killing someone doesn’t mean it has to taste like death. Hey, there’s the advertising pitch right there. I’m like Don Draper over here with my pitches.

You could have Harold and Kumar as your spokespeople. Call it…Harold and Kumar go to Hell.

But seriously, isn’t it marijuana that probably got the woman into that situation in the first place.

I wonder if you get a case of the munchies after.