The McMass Project is pushing to put McDonald’s franchises in churches as a way of boosting church attendance. Hey, man can not live by fries alone. But who wouldn’t wanna’ try for a week or two, you know?

They sent me an email and for the life of me I still can’t figure out if they’re being serious or not.

It says:

Each year, up to 3 million people become unchurched in the US. The McMass project started in order to take a design approach to tackling this problem, and we propose a solution:

– Churches need to become financially sustainable; McDonald’s are highly profitable.

– Churches need to attract new audiences; McDonald’s restaurants draw constant crowds.

– McDonald’s need excellent locations; Churches are beautiful, central, spaces.

Churches and McDonald’s are ideal partners.

We have just launched an Indiegogo campaign– Our goal is to raise money to purchase a McDonald’s franchise for a church, and to generate publicity around our mission to revitalize churches.

Here’s the video that explains it further: