This is an amazing story about a mother who made a choice to save her unborn son rather than herself. What makes it more amazing is that Cosmo reported it.

On November 3, 34-year-old Karisa Bugal was going into labor at the Medical Center of Aurora, Colorado, when doctors discovered that she had a rare and unpreventable condition called amniotic fluid embolism.

“The amniotic fluids surrounding the baby or part of the baby’s skin or hair gets into the mother’s bloodstream and that causes catastrophic shutdown of all the organs,” Dr. Kelly Gerow told KUSA-TV. “We don’t know how to prevent it. We don’t know how to keep it from happening at all.”

Because of the condition, her unborn child’s heart rate began to dip, and the mother was faced with a horrible choice: Have a C-section and save his life, or delay and save her own.

She did not hesitate when given the choice. Her last words after giving birth were “how big is he?” And then she passed away despite doctor’s efforts.

The baby boy was 7-pounds, 4-ounces.

The father is quoted as wondering what he would tell the child when he grew up a little. I would say, tell him he was loved by a mother who loved him more than she even loved her own life. That’s a good start.