My two year old went through a phase where she kept taking off her clothes. And when I put clothes on her she would try to take them off. And if she took her clothes off I’d say in my stern adult voice, “Go put some clothes on NOW!”

And that was that. Can you believe this is a debate that adults are having? I hope someone here will act like an adult and tell these fools to put clothes on: Reuters reports:

In a state where men have legally strolled the streets in nothing but tennis shoes and Portland hosts an annual naked bike ride, nudists appeared at the Oregon Legislature on Monday — clothed — to ask lawmakers not to let their lifestyle get wrapped up in an effort to regulate strip clubs.

The battle over bare skin renews familiar debates about balancing freedom with neighborhood standards in a state known for its liberal protections of free speech — and nude expression.

Nudist advocates testified against a bill that would ask voters to change free-speech protections in the state constitution to let communities keep strip clubs out of neighborhoods. But, nudists warn, that might unintentionally allow cities to outlaw nude recreation.

“We want to protect our rights,” said John Kinman, past president of the American Association for Nude Recreation, which has joined the American Civil Liberties Union in opposing the measure.

They’re worried that the law won’t differentiate between strippers and nudists?

There’s a difference between nudists and strippers. Strippers are desperate people that some sad people will pay money to see naked while nudists are sad people we’re desperate to not see naked.

Liberals are always yelling that they want privacy in their own bedroom where nobody can tell them what to do but then they try to make the entire world their bedroom.

Seriously,are there any adults left in America? Anywhere?