I know some liberal types will read this and think that the Governor of New York has just damned the children of New York to dental problems. They’ll suspect Big Dentistry is behind this curious veto that might’ve saved thousands if not millions of kids serious dental work. Not CMR.

We don’t mind that this cute little sippy cup slurping kid…:

might turn into this guy just because of a sippy cup:

We find them both adorable.

And if a parent wants to keep their kid drinking from sippy cups up until college that might actually happen. We don’t need the New York legislature putting warnings on sippy cups.

The AP reports:

The sippy cup warning label fight is over in New York, for now.

The bill that required a dental decay warning on sippy cups and baby bottles was among 23 vetoes Gov. David Paterson issued Monday…

For now…New Yorkers will have to take their chances with sippy cups. The warning label would have noted the risk of early childhood tooth decay from undefined prolonged use of a “vessel with a duckbilled lid, bill-shaped extension or bill-shaped spout.” The legislation also covered baby bottles.

Trafficking in sippy cups without warning labels would have resulted in a civil penalty of up to $250 for the first offense and $1,000 for repeat offenders.
“Brief warning labels are simply not the best vehicle to convey detailed information about general parental practice and proper use of a product that is not inherently dangerous,” Paterson wrote in his veto message.

Can you believe this was an actual bill? Can you believe that New York State is so far gone that Governor David Patterson is the voice of reason?

Did you get the part about “trafficking in sippy cups.” Seriously? Trafficking? Really? It’s madness. Madness I say.