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UN: We Need Less People Fast!!

Only the United Nations could have such perverse logic. Upon seeing poor people and illiterate people, the UN doesn’t think to try to wipe out poverty or illiteracy. They think that if they just get rid of people, there won’t… Continue Reading →

WWYD? Buy Condoms for Kid?

This is an interesting video. A television shows has a 15 year old babyface boy asking adults to buy him condoms. It’s interesting and depressing to hear most of the responses. You get a bunch of mealy mouthed adults absolutely… Continue Reading →

Philly: Free Condoms for 11 Year Olds!!!

A new website called Teens Take Control from the Philadelphia Department of Health is pushing free condoms to children as young as 11 years old by offering to mail them free. (Mind you, the kids just have to check that… Continue Reading →

Condoms Should Come with Capes

To the progressive mind, there’s nothing condoms can’t do. It’s true. The belief that synthetic rubber birth control has the ability to cure any and all of humanity’s ills is a bedrock belief of the progressive movement. Ask a progressive… Continue Reading →

Dueling Jesuits over Condom Controversy

Fr. James Martin either doesn’t understand the intricacies of the Pope’s comments about condoms (a highly dubious prospect) or he’s being disingenuous. The problem is that disingenuousness will foster confusion among Catholics and ultimately lead to sin. The National Post… Continue Reading →

Condoms In Kids Trick or Treat Bags

Lunatics. Some nutty family decided it would be a good idea to hand out condoms to kids when they came trick or treating at their home. And, of course, they’re shocked SHOCKED! that anyone would be offended. The Statesmen Journal… Continue Reading →

Tons of Condoms Clog Drains, Gov’t Pleased

AOL News reports: Thousands of condoms have clogged plumbing at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi after amorous athletes flushed them down toilets, according to Indian media. Asked about the sewer blockages and their alleged source, Mike Fennell, president of… Continue Reading →

School District: Condoms for Grade School Kids

There isn’t a problem in the world that liberal don’t think they can’t fix with free condoms. World hunger? Condoms. AIDS? Condoms. Skyrocketing deficit? Condoms. Now, to be honest I’m not even sure what problem this school district thinks its… Continue Reading →

Abstinence is GrrrrEat!!!!

You can’t stop kids from having sex we’re told all the time. But Tony the Tiger can! While the U.S. government and the the United Nations have gone cuckoo for the condoms, it seems that there might be a very… Continue Reading →

A Thing on Your Thing

I was recently at a train station doing one of my favorite things. People watching. Train stations are great because you can blatantly listen to other people’s conversations, watch their ticks, learn their histories just through sheer proximity. I watched… Continue Reading →

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