Lunatics. Some nutty family decided it would be a good idea to hand out condoms to kids when they came trick or treating at their home. And, of course, they’re shocked SHOCKED! that anyone would be offended.

The Statesmen Journal reports:

Some teenage trick-or-treaters received condoms in their bags on Halloween night in Silverton.

For the couple who handed out the prophylactics, the act was a community service, health education and a message of pregnancy prevention.

For the father of one 14-year-old girl who got them, the act was an intrusion of family privacy and a violation of his right to raise his daughter as he wishes.

Someone should tell this family that Halloween is supposed to be about things that go bump in the night, not bump and grind in the night.

You ever notice that crazy people don’t know they’re crazy? And here’s the funnier part. While most people will readily acknowledge that these people are nutty, they’ll see it as perfectly normal that their children’s schools do the same exact thing every single day. And what’s even funnier? Kids are walking around on Halloween with those little UNICEF boxes whose proceeds go towards the distribution of free condoms all over the world.

So what’s the lesson? Handing out a hundred condoms to kids makes you the neighborhood nut. Handing out a billion condoms and you’re a self righteous taxpayer funded organization.

(Thanks to Dr. Kyle Johnson for the tip on this story.)