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All You Need to Know About the U.N.

In case you guys just landed on this planet and were unsure what to think of this thing you call the United Nations, I’m here to put some learnin’ on you. Ready? The flag of the United Nations flew at… Continue Reading →

UN Group: Abortion and Prostitution a Right for Ten Year Olds

A United Nations group is pushing to make abortion, drug use, and contraception a human right for anyone as young as ten years old. What?! That’s outrageous. And discriminatory against nine year olds! I’m smelling a class action lawsuit here… Continue Reading →

UN: We Need Less People Fast!!

Only the United Nations could have such perverse logic. Upon seeing poor people and illiterate people, the UN doesn’t think to try to wipe out poverty or illiteracy. They think that if they just get rid of people, there won’t… Continue Reading →

Ha! Punkd UN Delegates Agree to Ban H20

This is hilarious. Well, it would be hilarious if these people and their movement weren’t so dangerous. Aaaah, it’s funny anyway. HT Weasel Zippers

This Should Scare You

When reading this, remember that liberal ideas start off as being jeered at as crazy but they just keep returning again and again until they’re taken seriously and finally enforced. This one may be next. American Thinker reports: The UN… Continue Reading →

Condoms In Kids Trick or Treat Bags

Lunatics. Some nutty family decided it would be a good idea to hand out condoms to kids when they came trick or treating at their home. And, of course, they’re shocked SHOCKED! that anyone would be offended. The Statesmen Journal… Continue Reading →

U.N. To Appont Ambassador to Space Aliens

OK. This is the worst news ever. Brace yourself. The United Nation’s is appointing the head of the Office for Outer Space Affairs to come up with a response should we be visited by space aliens. Really. The Telegraph reports:… Continue Reading →

Priest Calls Fidel Castro a Saint?

With one statement a Catholic priest has tarnished both the Catholic Church and the United Nations. Pretty amazing, huh? Fr. Miguel D’Escoto, a Catholic priest who was born in America but later joined the communist Sandanistas in Niceragua, is now… Continue Reading →

Evil Scientists Need Not Apply

The world should quickly ban cloning of humans and only allow exceptions for strictly controlled research to help treat diseases such as diabetes or Alzheimer’s, a U.N. study said on Sunday…except if you’re really nice. Without a ban, experts at… Continue Reading →

United Nations: Latin Lovers Conversation

According to the United Nations, there are many conversations occurring in Latin America similar to the one below: Manuela: Jose, you are a very handsome man. I wish to make love to you. Jose: Si, Manuela. I can feel your… Continue Reading →

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