The world should quickly ban cloning of humans and only allow exceptions for strictly controlled research to help treat diseases such as diabetes or Alzheimer’s, a U.N. study said on Sunday…except if you’re really nice.

Without a ban, experts at the U.N. University’s Institute of Advanced Studies said that governments would have to prepare legal measures to protect clones from “potential abuse, prejudice and discrimination”. However, Democrats are hoping for a new voting bloc. Republicans are saying clones will do the jobs Americans won’t do.

“A legally-binding global ban on work to create a human clone, coupled with freedom for nations to permit strictly controlled therapeutic research, has the greatest political viability of options available,” the study said.

This is silly. Look at what they’re saying here. Here’s what the U.N. is really saying: NO CLONING!!!!! WE REALLY MEAN IT. except…if you’re only doing it to help people. So all you people who want to do evil scientists line up over here. All scientists who want to help people feel free to do whatever you want.