A new website called Teens Take Control from the Philadelphia Department of Health is pushing free condoms to children as young as 11 years old by offering to mail them free. (Mind you, the kids just have to check that they’re 11 in a box so they could be seriously any age.) They’re also offering an App for kids to download so they can find the closest place to get free condoms. And they’re pushing an animated condom movie.

Because of the outrage this is causing, they seem to have taken it down but there’s about thirty seconds of it in this news video reacting to the madness. It’s awful.

The website states:

You know you need to use condoms each and every time you have sexual contact with someone. You know how to use a condom correctly. But there is one more important step: do you know where to find condoms?

There are many, many, many places in Philadelphia where you can buy condoms. There are lots of places where you can get condoms for free! Click here for a full list of sites so you can find one near you.

Playing it safe just got easier. If you live in Philadelphia and are between the ages of 11 and 19 you can now have condoms mailed directly to you for FREE.

Maybe it’s difficult for you to stop by one of our sites to pick up condoms. Or maybe you’re just shy or feeling weird about picking up condoms.

We understand this. That’s why Philadelphia Department of Public Health is starting a new program: sending male condoms through the mail! If you live in Philadelphia and you are between the ages of 11 and 19, all you have to do is fill out the form below and we’ll put together a package for you.

Now seriously, if a stranger said any of this stuff to your eleven year old or showed a video like that you’d punch them and call the cops. But because it’s the government offering to mail condoms to your 11 year old without your knowledge, it’s supposed to be OK?

You want the best part. At the bottom of the page they say “This site contains STD and HIV prevention messages that might not be appropriate for all audiences.” Ya’ think?

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