For years, the appendix has been many secularists favorite body part…if you don’t count the body parts you can use to abort babies.

The appendix’s popularity has been mainly because the organ’s perceived uselessness was thought to be evidence of a Godless universe. If God created man, they’d ask why would He have given man a useless organ. And because of this, it was evidence not only of a godless universe but it also proved evolution. Hey, at least they found a use for the appendix.

Take for example this essay on the useless organ by The Surgeon’s Blog:

In the appendix, we have a thing within us of no demonstrable value, but which is capable of doing us great harm. People may argue at the edges, but there are two things we know with central certainty: the presence of the appendix kills a lot of people or makes them real sick, and its absence is of absolutely no consequence. Evidently, that’s a threat to the concept of intelligent design/creationism…By its existence, the lowly and useless appendix would seem to deal a fatal blow to the idea (at least Ken Ham’s version) of Intelligent Design. Slain, by that ignoble worm, that surgeons’sidekick, my midnight mistress. If you deny evolution, then you have to say the designer wasn’t paying attention, says the appendix to my scalpel; or the designer acted deliberately to stick within us something which serves only to harm. Even more scary. Unless, of course, you’re a general surgeon.

Ah you see, the appendix delivered the fatal blow until…this shock of shocks. It turns out that the appendix isn’t all that useless. The Examiner says:

Some scientists are now saying that the appendix could be useful in battling disease. It may serve “as a vital safehouse where good bacteria could lie in wait until they were needed to repopulate the gut after a nasty case of diarrhea.” Other studies have indicated “the appendix can help make, direct and train white blood cells.”

Hey, you silly God-lover I know that this new science would seem to deliver a fatal blow to the useless-appendix-delivering-a-fatal-blow-to-God argument.

But you’d be wrong.

Now, the appendix’s usefulness is the latest and greatest evidence of a Godless universe and of evolution.

Weird Science reports:

Poor Darwin — everyone’s always pointing out his mistakes. But somehow, his theory that animals evolved from common ancestors is stronger and more confirmed than ever.

OK. So when the appendix was useless it was evidence of evolution and when it’s shown to have a use it’s…guess what…evidence of evolution.

Now, I have no problem with accepting some amount of evolution among species but many proponents of the theory believe that macro-evolution makes God useless in the process of creation. That’s right, many secular evolutionists see God as the appendix of the universe. We can only pray that they too one day discover God and his very real and loving purpose.