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Worst Mother Evah!

Watch this very odd video of a Mom egging her child on to ask Rick Perry about evolution and creationism. And then she asks her child, “Ask him why he doesn’t believe in science?” Kinda’ weird and disturbing. The Mom… Continue Reading →

Evolution and Homosexuality

For many years, an incongruity has existed between evolution and a genetic explanation for homosexuality. If, as many argue, homosexuality is genetically determined then how does that fit into an evolutionary system that only rewards reproduction? Wouldn’t evolution have weeded… Continue Reading →

Guess What? We Didn’t Descend from Apes

I know. I know. The fact that evolutionists have been shown to be wrong again proves that they’re right this time. OK. Maybe. Whatever. But you know how every school child for the past thirty years has been taught that… Continue Reading →

Pope Believes in Intelligent Design?

When I read journalists writing about matters of faith, I often find myself stuck on words which clearly don’t mean the same thing to me as they mean to them. Stumbling blocks to clear writing are words like “fundamentalist” which… Continue Reading →

Secularist’s Favorite Body Part

For years, the appendix has been many secularists favorite body part…if you don’t count the body parts you can use to abort babies. The appendix’s popularity has been mainly because the organ’s perceived uselessness was thought to be evidence of… Continue Reading →

Duh! Of The Day

Some scientists are being hailed as geniuses by ABC News because they “discovered” two things: 1) that violence is not a recent phenomenon because humans may have been at war with each other for a long long time and 2)… Continue Reading →

Enough With The Apologies

The Church of England owes Charles Darwin an apology for its hostile 19th-century reaction to the naturalist’s theory of evolution, a high ranking cleric wrote on an Anglican Web site. The Rev Malcolm Brown, who heads the church’s public affairs… Continue Reading →

Secularists Push for God in the Classroom

As schools and museums celebrate the 199th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birthday today, a new push is being made to inject religion into the nation’s science classrooms – by secularists. After years of accusing Darwin’s critics of trying to insert… Continue Reading →

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. This is the title of Ben Stein’s new documentary on the lack of academic freedom squashes any scientific inquiry that might suggest there is design in the universe. Of course, evidence of design is also evidence… Continue Reading →

Evolutionary Theory Disproved Once Again Thus Proving Evolution!!!

Here’s a story that appeals to the nasty anti-authoritarian streak which I’ve nurtured into an all out animosity towards smug know-it-all’s. Here’s how the story starts. Surprising fossils dug up in Africa are creating messy kinks in the iconic straight… Continue Reading →

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