I know. I know. The fact that evolutionists have been shown to be wrong again proves that they’re right this time. OK. Maybe. Whatever.

But you know how every school child for the past thirty years has been taught that man descended from apes and every time someone called that a “theory” they were laughed out of the room and told to go back to church and dragged into court by the ACLU.

Well. It doesn’t look like we’re descended from apes anymore.

The AP reports:

The story of humankind is reaching back another million years as scientists learn more about “Ardi,” a hominid who lived 4.4 million years ago in what is now Ethiopia. The 110-pound, 4-foot female roamed forests a million years before the famous Lucy, long studied as the earliest skeleton of a human ancestor.

This older skeleton reverses the common wisdom of human evolution, said anthropologist C. Owen Lovejoy of Kent State University.

Rather than humans evolving from an ancient chimp-like creature, the new find provides evidence that chimps and humans evolved from some long-ago common ancestor — but each evolved and changed separately along the way.

“This is not that common ancestor, but it’s the closest we have ever been able to come,” said Tim White, director of the Human Evolution Research Center at the University of California, Berkeley.

The lines that evolved into modern humans and living apes probably shared an ancestor 6 million to 7 million years ago, White said in a telephone interview.

But Ardi has many traits that do not appear in modern-day African apes, leading to the conclusion that the apes evolved extensively since we shared that last common ancestor.

A study of Ardi, under way since the first bones were discovered in 1994, indicates the species lived in the woodlands and could climb on all fours along tree branches, but the development of their arms and legs indicates they didn’t spend much time in the trees. And they could walk upright, on two legs, when on the ground.

So we didn’t evolve from apes.

But that doesn’t put the theory of evolution off the rails at all. They simply imagine themselves up some kind of man/ape who existed a long long long long long long time ago which left absolutely no evidence it ever existed.

Man, being an evolutionist must be pretty easy. You sit around smugly spinning yarns about descendants long long long ago and everytime you’re proved wrong you just add a few long long long ago’s to your theory and sit back smugly again. Nice gig for a former ape. Oh wait…

Exit question: How long until all the textbooks are corrected?