Poor secularist liberals are in a tizzy today due to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of tax vouchers for education. While I’m excited I do understand that this ruling could cause great distress among secularist libs. Yup. I’m worried about them because they’re concerned that taxpayer money going even indirectly to a Christian organization is dangerous and probably means the end of the world or something.

Well turn that frown upside down liberals. I’ve got an idea. And I owe it to your buddies at Planned Parenthood. How about if parents promise that none of the taxpayer funding they receive will go directly to educating children. They’ll keep the voucher money separated kinda’ like Planned Parenthood claims to from killing kids.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re worried that money fungible and that due to the funding more people will choose to educate their children in private school kinda’ like we were worried that Planned Parenthood could abort more children with all that taxpayer funding.

But all you libs seemed pretty cool with Planned Parenthood’s promise not to mix the funds so I’m sure you’ll believe parents when they promise to do the same thing.

I know you think taxpayer funding is OK for killing kids and not for educating them but this is a happy compromise, right?