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9/11. A Prayer

O God of love, compassion, and healing,look on us, people of many different faithsand traditions,who gather today at this site,the scene of incredible violence and pain.We ask you in your goodnessto give eternal light and peaceto all who died hereā€”the… Continue Reading →

Abortion Clinic Workers Defile Crosses

This is just weird. Abortion clinic workers cross the street to destroy crosses in the sand. What, are they vampires?

First Pray, then Sue

We all know about all the lawsuits filed by atheists and the ACLU against pretty much any public display of religion. It’s frustrating and silly but you know what…it works. It’s an effective strategy. They intimidate all these town councils… Continue Reading →

Suffering, Love and the Paradox of the Cross

Chelsea Zimmerman is guest posting here this month. We’re glad to have her. She typically writes at Reflections of a Paralytic – which is a great blog that you should bookmark or follow or favorite or whatever it is you… Continue Reading →

ACLU: Cover Up that Cross!

The ACLU treats Jesus like a sex offender on school grounds. No, actually I think the ACLU is all for allowing molesters to stand on top of the monkey bars handing out candy at recess. So actually, the ACLU treats… Continue Reading →

Battle Over a 25 ft. Cross in Suburbs

There’s a lot going on in Baldwin, PA. Normally, I’m not sure I’d side with a guy who lights up a 25 foot cross on top of his house in the suburbs. But there’s something about this case that rankles… Continue Reading →

Why Modern Vampires Suck

I hate vampires. You might say that’s a natural reaction to the undead. You’re supposed to hate them. But you don’t understand I really really hold a strong hate for the modern day milquetoast vampire. How did we go from… Continue Reading →

Penn State May Be Full of Vampires

You know me. I’m not one to make outlandish accusations but I think Penn State University may be filled with vampires. And not the angsty teen kind like in “Twilight.” But the old school Bella Lugosi freak out at a… Continue Reading →

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