There’s a lot going on in Baldwin, PA.

Normally, I’m not sure I’d side with a guy who lights up a 25 foot cross on top of his house in the suburbs. But there’s something about this case that rankles me a bit. Maybe it’s the woman calling the cross “obnoxious” and I just get the feeling she’s not talking about the lights. Or maybe it’s the township saying that it’s against the township’s lighting code that they just passed on the same night of the hearing on the cross. Now that’s obnoxious.

The Blaze reports:

The disagreement centers on Carl Behr’s illuminated yard crosses, especially his giant, 25-feet tall one. Neighbors say the lights are blinding and want him to take them town, and the local city council agrees, having issued an order for Behr to remove the crosses on Monday.

But it’s an order Behr ignored and says is an assault on his faith.

“They’re not coming down,” he told KDKA-TV. “Somebody’s gotta make a stand against these people and I’m here to make it.”

“It’s been about the Lord since the beginning and if anyone tries to make me remove them, they will only anger the Lord,” he added:

Firstly, the lights aren’t “blinding.” OK? They’re just not.

Look, living in a community you have to allow that you can’t do whatever you want with your property. But like I said sometimes I just get annoyed at the people who get annoyed at 25 foot high illuminated crosses. Maybe I shouldn’t. I just do. Maybe it’s because I suspect they’d be just as annoyed by a five foot tall cross.

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