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Rap: I’m Pregnant and I Know It!

Shamelessly stolen from Chelsea Zimmerman

Abortionist Jokes While Calling Ambulance

This late term abortionist has a girl in seizures he laughs when the 911 operator asks if he needs medical advice. So he’s stupid and cocky. Good combination. Here’s the audio: World Net Daily has the full story.

Muppets Sings Danny Boy!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! These muppets still sing it better than Patrick does.

Vid: Parents of Down Syndrome Kids Have a Message

IDSC (International Down Syndrome Coallition) asked folks to send in pics for a video they made on what Moms and Dads of children with Down Syndrome would tell their younger selves who faced having a child with Down Syndrome, now… Continue Reading →

Great Vid! Fr. John Hollowell Takes on Cecile Richards

Father John Hollowell takes up Cecile Richards on her offer. And wow. Please watch the whole thing. It’s the most inspiring video you’ll see today. Here comes the Catholic Church!!! HT Deacon Dance

Docs Filmed Agreeing to Illegal Abortions “No Questions Asked.”

Women are being granted illegal abortions by doctors based on the sex of their unborn baby, an undercover investigation by The Daily Telegraph reveals. The Brit newspaper is going all Lila Rose on abortuaries. Seems like great news to me… Continue Reading →

Pelosi Says the Darnedest Things

This is unbelievable. Nancy Pelosi told an audience that the Catholic Church has not enforced its teaching on contraception and that the church now wants the federal government to enforce that teaching for it, according to CNS News.What does she… Continue Reading →

Army Orders Soldiers to Wear Fake Breasts and Empathy Bellies

The Army is ordering soldiers to wear fake breasts and empathy bellies so they can better understand and empathize with pregnant soldiers. Come on. If this doesn’t scream to you that the end is near you’re just not listening. Army… Continue Reading →

Like a Baby Boy Band But Better

Pat is in a meeting so he can’t stop me from putting up a baby video. He’s always yelling at me that whenever he’s stuck in a meeting and can’t be on the blog I put up baby videos. Can… Continue Reading →

This Video Will Make Your Catholic Blood Boil

This White House is just so nasty and condescending. They make my skin crawl. You’ve got to see this video of Jay Carney insisting that there are “no Constitutional rights at stake” in the HHS Mandate. Watching this makes me… Continue Reading →

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