This is a strange source for a story like this, but amazing and saddening none the less., (Caution: Graphic photos at the link) the gossipy website, reports about the gay super-culture in the Miami archdiocese grown and cultivated by the former Archbishop John Favalora.

The story is based on a report by the Catholic group Christifidelis.

Favalora, who was the most powerful Catholic official in Southern Florida from 1994 until last year, stands accused of cultivating what one group of pissed-off Catholics describes as a corrupt “homosexual superculture” in the 195 churches, schools, missions, seminaries, and universities that constitute the Miami Archdiocese. If their allegations are to be believed, for sixteen years Favalora ran his organization like the don of a lavender mob, rewarding his favorite homosexual sons and forgiving their many indiscretions—rampant sex, hedonism, embezzlement, alcoholism, and the railroading of chaste priests among them—while punishing those with the temerity to complain.

Here are just some of the un-Catholic behaviors that “Miami Vice” accuses Favalora of engaging in: He partially owned a company that manufactured Yohimbe, an aphrodisiac beverage marketed to horny club-kids with the promise of “the hands-down best sex of your life.” He allegedly took frequent trips to fabulous Key West with his gay associates. He was over-familiar toward his seminarians. (One ex-employee of the diocese recalls him telling a young seminarian at a gathering to “Come to papa and sit on my lap.”) Favalora’s second- and third-in-command, Monsignor William Hennessey and Monsignor Michael Souckar, are both accused by Christefidelis of being active homosexuals—and if they are, that counts among the least of their difficulties with Catholic orthodoxy

Sad and disgusting, if not entirely surprising.

Miami, while perhaps a most egregious example of the gay culture that ran throughout the Church for a few decades, is certainly not alone. It may very well be another generation or two before this infection is eliminated from the body of Christ.