Trump is still under th delusion that he can still make Democrats like him and treat him fairly. He hasn’t learned a thing.

And if we’re a party that’s not concerned with protecting life, only bartering for it then we’re wasting our time.

Look, I’m grateful to Trump for nominating three conservative justices which led to the overturning of Roe. But now we live in a different time.

He doesn’t understand that the left doesn’t care about life, abortion, or women. They are means to an end. They are just the issues they use to demonize and attack the right.

Politically, Trump is right. Arguing for abortion bans is not a winning political issue right now. The left and the media collude to make pro-lifers seem like extremists. We need to work hard to show the extremism of the left. I could even see if Trump said something like he personally believes that abortion should be banned but won’t push anything under 12 weeks until there’s more of a consensus. That I could at least understand. But this cavalier manner of dealing with an issue of life or death is disturbing. He doesn’t understand moral decisions, only political ones.

He is not a pro-life leader. He never was. He used us. We used him. But I don’t think he’s the right guy for the next step.