Trump seems to be saying that the pro-life groups spent fifty years trying to get Roe overturned and he comes in and bippity boppity boop, he fixes it in one measly term. He then insinuates that pro-life groups may be in it for the money because this thing was so easily handled by him.

Here he is:

What the hell is he talking about? Let’s be clear, the only reason Trump was able to help overturn Roe is because those pro-life groups he is now maligning forced him to submit a list of judges that would be acceptable to pro-lifers.

He is being disingenuous about his role. He didn’t overturn Roe. He was in the role of president when Ruth Vader Ginsburg died. Look, I give Trump all the credit for having the stones to replace Ruth Vader Ginsburg when he did. It was bold. I don’t know any other Republican president who would’ve done it. I am eternally grateful to Trump for that move.

And now, Trump is right that the abortion debate has cost us some seats. No doubt. And the media is now asking every right wing candidate if they support a total ban on abortion without asking the leftist candidates if they support abortion up until the ninth month or even beyond. The media is attempting to make the pro-lifers seem radical. This has worked.

It’s worked even though it would be almost impossible for a total ban on abortion to get through Congress. So, that’s just theoretical talk designed to put Republicans in a negative light.

So, instead of attempting to explain the issue better, clarify it, Trump has instead chosen to punt. He will not talk about a federal ban on abortion. Politically he might be right. He’s refusing to play the media game.

But here’s the thing. In the end, this is not merely a political battle. We can not win this with mere politics. This is a spiritual and religious battle. This can only be won by changing hearts and minds, and shepherding souls to Christ.

Trump doesn’t look at it in terms like that. He believes he can negotiate a ban on abortion up to 15 weeks of pregnancy. He said he believes both sides will come to the table. He’a wrong about that. They will impeach him before he does that. The left will imprison him before he is able to do that. They can not negotiate on this issue. The left will burn the country down before giving up on abortion.

Trump is very wrong about this, politically and spiritually.