Free speech is disappearing.

We already know that Big Tech, Big Pharma, the media, and the Deep State are in cahoots. But those who don’t play along are in for a process…and yes it’s going to be painful.

I don’t know what Russell Brand is guilty of. None of us do. Our government doesn’t. YouTube doesn’t. British Parliament doesn’t. But I know he’s openly questioned leftist dogma about the Covid vaccine.

Rumble refused to demonetize Russell Brand for allegation made by the media about sexual assault. These aren’t even charges. They are allegations in the media. Rumble refused to demonetize him so now look what’s happening.

This headline is from a so-called NEWS article by the Associated Press: “RNC’s livestreaming partner for the GOP debate is a haven for disinformation and extremism.”

Look at that. They don’t even say “critics say.” Nope. It’s just “is.” Amazing.

Burger King and HelloFresh removed all of their ads from Rumble because Rumble refused to play along.

Birtish Parliament sent a letter urging Rumble to demonetize the comedian. These are the same kinds of communications that the Biden administration sent to Big Tech to shut us up when we questioned vaccines or the Hunter Biden laptop or the war in Ukraine.

And now, it’s becoming evident that the UK may remove Rumble altogether.

The SUN reports:

The “free speech” website, used by comedian Brand to host his videos, risks being forced out of Britain, it has been suggested.

The Canada-based platform has come under scrutiny after being used by Brand to share videos as he denies allegations of rape and sexual assault.

He has been posting daily episodes of his Stay Free programme on Rumble since signing a deal with the website a year ago.

It now faces being regulated by UK media watchdog Ofcom under the new Online Safety Bill, which was approved by Parliament last week and is due to become law next month.

Tougher new rules could prompt Rumble’s bosses to stop broadcasting to Britain, a tech expert has now suggested.

The new law says internet firms must prevent children from seeing pornography as well as any material promoting eating disorders, self-harm and suicide.

Violent content and material harmful to health, including misinformation about vaccines, will also be barred.

And platforms will also be told to take down illegal material such as videos inciting violence or race hate.

In short, if you say anything negative about the vaccines you must be removed. Russell Brand has been openly questioning the Covid vaccines. Think there’s a connection?

This is a cabal we are facing. A cabal of the most powerful government ever known with the richest and most ruthless people the world has ever seen. So yeah, we’re in trouble.