Whoa. I figured that someday Christians would be considered criminals, I just didn’t guess that it already happened.

The county fined this church over a million dollars for holding services even though there is ZERO evidence that Covid spread due to the church holding services.

Please remember that all the power our intelligence agencies accrued after 9/11 in order to fight “terror” will one day be used against Christians. There’s a reason that parents at school board meetings are considered “terrorists” and Sunday massagers are considered “radicals.” You must know that whatever the CIA did to enemy combatants in Afghanistan and Iraq like waterboarding and torture, they will one day do to American Christians, if allowed.

Behind the Black: They’re coming for you next: Santa Clara county in California is now being sued by Calvary Chapel San Jose and its pastor Mike McClure for using without warrant the GPS data from the cellphones of the church’s members to track their movements without their knowledge.

On August 22, 2023, a lawsuit was filed by Advocates for Faith and Freedom on behalf of Calvary Chapel San Jose against Santa Clara County, California, for utilizing geofencing methods to spy on church members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier this year, Santa Clara County imposed a $1.2 million fine against the church for not abiding by the State’s and County’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Santa Clara County utilized an investigative method known as geofencing. Geofencing is a technological tool the government uses to track people relative to their location and likely locations. This tool is typically used in police investigations of criminal activity and, in these instances, requires a warrant– which is not always granted.