Good news…for public school teachers. You can threaten to stab children, say your “trigger finger is itchy” and say you want to pour hot coffee on them…and still keep your job.

While that’s awesome for them, it’s not all that awesome for the kids.

NBC Bay Area:

A teacher in California’s Bay Area has been reprimanded after she reportedly tweeted that she wanted to stab some students and that her “trigger finger is itchy.”

The Oakland Tribune Newark Memorial High School administrators disciplined teacher Krista Hodges with a written reprimand, but she remains in the classroom as the new school year begins. The tweets, which were sprinkled with obscene language, were posted before the end of the last school year, in June.

Some parents said they found the posts insulting. One tweet allegedly insinuated that Hodges wanted to dump hot coffee on some of her students.

Now, that’s a union, huh? And a pretty good reason not to send your kids to public school.