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Month August 2014

USCCB Loses Its Head

I am excited to see my first post over at the new venture One Peter Five Over there I discuss the USCCB’s recent ridiculous statement about its commitment to dialogue with Muslims. Would you be so kind as to give… Continue Reading →

Woman Tells Surrogate She Didn’t Want “Dribbling Cabbage” and Refuses Baby

Did you get a receipt with that baby? Having surrogates carry their children clearly has some thinking that if their baby doesn’t live up to their expected standards they can simply refuse the child. The Daily Mail reports: A British… Continue Reading →

Franciscan U Responds Strongly to Obama’s New “Accomodation”

Obama keeps “accommodating” us crazy Catholics who hate women so much but us crazy Catholics just keep on hatin’…prolly ’cause we’re racist. Franciscan University, an actually Catholic institution, is none too happy with Obama’s latest too cute by half “accommodation”… Continue Reading →

Atheist Blogger Would Support Abortion Even if Babies Wrote Poetry in the Womb, Even Dawkins Balks

You know you’ve gone too far left when Richard Dawkins says you crossed a line. Atheist blogger Pharyngula wrote about abortion that he wouldn’t be pro-life, even if babies were composing poetry in the womb. We can make all the… Continue Reading →

Washington D.C. Church Now Holding “Nats Mass” for Baseball Fans

I’m a fan of Fr. Andrew Royals of Saint Vincent de Paul Church because his newly created Mass for baseball fans. WaPo reports: Fans who stream into the Navy Yard district before Nats games are now greeted with increasingly varied… Continue Reading →

Georgetown’s Michael Eric Dyson: ‘I Ain’t Saying That Obama Is Jesus, But…’

This man is an embarrassment to Georgetown. Oh wait, Georgetown itself is an embarrassment to Catholicism. But G’town prof Michael Eric Dyson compared Obama to Jesus. Here’s the transcript from Newsbusters: Dyson: President Obama was calm but you could tell… Continue Reading →

Obama’s New “Accomodation” is More of the Sham

We saw this one coming. Instead of just removing the HHS contraceptive mandate from religious institutions, the Obama administration is still trying to tweak it in the face of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. I personally don’t see much… Continue Reading →

Epic Selfie Fail or Total Win?

This just made me laugh. *subhead*Fun.*subhead*

Taking Family to See “When the Game Stands Tall”

Heading off to the movies right now. Kids are very excited. Jim Caviezel’s interview with Raymond Arroyo is great, especially the part about him watching “Hoosiers.” I’ll let you know how the movie is. Update: The movie is really good…. Continue Reading →

Outrageous! California Reverses Abortion Decision of Two Catholic Colleges

The administration of California Governor Jerry Brown is now reversing an earlier decision to allow two Catholic universities to drop insurance coverage of elective abortions. Santa Clara University and Loyola Marymount University had been allowed to offer their employees plans… Continue Reading →

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