Did you get a receipt with that baby? Having surrogates carry their children clearly has some thinking that if their baby doesn’t live up to their expected standards they can simply refuse the child.

The Daily Mail reports:

A British surrogate mother says she will raise a disabled girl as her own after the baby’s intended mother said she didn’t want a ‘dribbling cabbage’ as her child.

The child, born with Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy, was one of twins the surrogate mother was paid £12,000 in expenses to give birth to.

The story shows remarkable similarities to that of baby Gammy, a Down’s syndrome baby born to a Thai surrogate mother, who claimed he was left behind by its intended Australian parents because he was mentally disabled.

This is one of the related horrors of surrogacy. It brings human life down to the level of consumerism.

Now, many people will be horrified at this woman’s comments but few will make the connection between the inhumanity of that comment and the inhumanity of the process itself. I think as this thought dawns on people there will be a shock that maybe just maybe the Catholic Church was right about this stuff all along. And then the related thought that if the Church is right about this what else is the Church right about.