Christmas exploded and in the aftermath, everyone’s been sick. It’s the one guarantee from Christmas. You don’t know what you’re going to get, except sick. That’s guaranteed.

Once the family all gets together and everyone’s kids get together it’s like an ameba dish of fungus and anti-biotic resistant diseases.

Today, everyone’s feeling a little better so my wife has decreed that today is the day we’re going back to the mall and we’re bringing all the gift cards the kids have received. Yay. (This was my wife’s choice. Mind you, my wife is using the gift card she received to get her nails done while I take the kids to the mall. Just sayin’.)

The only thing I can say as we’re getting ready is that I wish my 10 year old son weren’t quite so over-the-moon excited about the Build-a-Bear gift card. (Ya’ think a lot of football linebackers have build-a-bears on their shelf? Maybe. I must admit I haven’t been to many linebackers’ homes. So maybe it’s like this weird subculture. Maybe?

*subhead*Merry Christmas.*subhead*