“Throughout my 20 years as an elected official, I have strived to be a leader in the fight to protect women’s rights. In addition to preserving women’s reproductive rights, I have fought cuts in family planning funding and supported the coverage of contraceptives in health insurance programs.” -Senator Dick Durbin

Seems like the perfect guy to come speak at a Catholic institution, right? Well, it’s not really Catholic. It’s just Georgetown.

Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Illinois) will deliver this year’s Whittington Lecture on public policy April 27 at Georgetown.

The lecture on “The Case for Good Government: What the Demagogues and Deniers Don’t Get (or Won’t Admit)” will be webcast live.

Durbin, a 1966 graduate of Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service and 1969 graduate of the Law Center, is the 47th U.S. senator from Illinois, the state’s senior senator and the convener of Illinois’ bipartisan congressional delegation.

This guy voted against banning partial birth abortions.

I put this up here, not to shock you. Because nothing about G’town can shock anymore. But I just want some record of protest being lodged. I think it’s important.