A father got a tattoo of his baby’s face on the side of his face. And I’m thinking this is so awesome for so many reasons.

1) You won’t have to keep a picture of your baby in your wallet, it’s right there on your face.

2) When your child’s mother makes the child feel guilty by saying things like, “I carried you for nine months.” For millennia. Dads have had no similar trump card but if you make this daring step, a Dad can say, “I carry you ON MY FACE!!!!”

3) Your child’s image will age right along with your face. It’ll be like time lapsed photography. Except on your face.

4) The good news is that it leaves the other side of his face for a tattoo that says “Dumb Ass” but that might already be implied.

5) When your baby grows up into a teenager and wants to yell at you for not caring about them you can

6) When he inevitably gets divorced and goes to single bars, he can answer to anyone saying, “Hey Baby.”

7) It’ll make your body easily identifiable for your inevitable Darwin award.

8) It’s a great reason not to commit a crime because you’re too identifiable.

9) If someone’s going to hit you, you could just say, you wouldn’t hit a baby, would you?

10) It dramatically simplifies the job interview process.