Pro-lifers like me love science and technology. Yup. We’re like science geeks without the comic books. And we’ve got girlfriend and wives.

For years, religious people have been called backward and anti-science while pro-lifers actually couldn’t wait for scientific and technological breakthroughs so we could all get a better look inside the womb and understand better what it is to be human. I think everyone must remember the first time they saw a 4-d ultrasound. It changes you. It’s changed lots of people.

The moment America saw the delicate, beautiful, and strong hand, the human features, the smiles, the thumbsucking of a 20-week-old baby in the womb much of America reconsidered everything we took for granted. When we see five beautiful fingers that only a loving God would take the time to create reach out, it changed everything.

Poll numbers in recent years have taken a decidedly pro-life turn and while part of that is simply that pro-lifers have more children another aspect that shouldn’t be dismissed is that the more we see inside the womb the more difficult it is to believe the lies of abortionists who say it’s a blob of tissue.

The unspoken message of the ultrasound is clear to all with an open heart: “I’m human—just like you.”

It was the same message of Harriet Beecher Stowe whose novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” made the horrors of slavery impossible to ignore. It was the message of Rosa Parks who awakened a slumbering country to the evils of racism by the simple act of sitting down. It is the message of the victims and the oppressed throughout our history: “”I’m human—just like you.”

That moment when a woman sees an ultrasound will encourage millions to reconsider where they stand on the issue of when life begins. And that’s why pro-aborts are fighting to keep women in the dark as to what/who is growing inside them.

I have great faith that science is on our side simply because truth is on our side. And the recent spate of ultrasound laws, I think, are a great thing. And I think before the country is willing to listen to a pro-lifer saying “don’t” they might just listen to pro-lifers saying “look.”