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Race Playing a Factor in Anglican Succession?

Is race playing a factor in the decision making process to replace Rowan Williams as the next Archbishop of Canterbury? it would seem so. Some of the press reports and quotes coming out are pretty bad. At least one bishop… Continue Reading →

Shock: Organization Founded by Racist Calls for Fewer Black People

International Planned Parenthood Federation just released a shocking new strategic plan (and by shocking I mean not shocking at all) for the Africa Region for 2010 to 2015 that calls for an 82 percent increase in the number of abortions,… Continue Reading →

Romney Racist Because He Helped Black Women

This is sheer liberal lunacy. Two absolute numbskulls are essentially criticizing Mitt Romney for giving $50 to a black woman on the campaign trail who seemed to really need some money. So as far as I can make out from… Continue Reading →

Hey Rick Perry Just Told Me Obama’s Black

Rick Perry called the national debt a “black cloud” hanging over America. Insert liberal lunacy here. ABC and NBC among others all concluded that this was an allusion to Obama being black -because you know- America didn’t know Obama was… Continue Reading →

Greatest and Worst UK Story Ever

Sorry UK. It’s all over. Either emigrate out of there or be assimilated into the stale horrific world of rampant political correctness. This is amazing. And by amazing I mean sad yet completely predictable. A pub singer named Simon Ledger… Continue Reading →

Your Permanent Record Has Gone PC

Remember how in school teachers would threaten you with some infraction becoming part of your PERMANENT RECORD!!!!! And even back then we thought to ourselves it’s all a big fat lie. We knew there was no such thing as a… Continue Reading →

Krugman: Tea Party a Wanna’ Be KKK

Paul Krugman of the New York Times is despicable. Today, he wrote: A note to Tea Party activists: This is not the movie you think it is. You probably imagine that you’re starring in “The Birth of a Nation,” but… Continue Reading →

US News: Right to Life Isn’t a Human Right

Bonne Erbe of US News and World Report was attempting to discredit Alveda King calling her tacky and other precious names for being pro-life. Classy, huh? King compared abortion to racism and incurred the wrath of liberal columnists everywhere. But… Continue Reading →

Maybe I Take a Dim View of Americans But…

Maybe I take a dim view of Americans but I believe the liberal strategy to label the “Tea Party” or anyone on the right as “racist” will work. And don’t tell me it’s not a strategy by the liberals to… Continue Reading →

NAACP: Black Holes are Racist

I’m announcing it. It’s official. Racism, for all intents and purposes, is dead in this country. Sure you’ll have your random nutjobs but racism as an institution or even a vibrant subculture is dead and buried. My proof? A graduation… Continue Reading →

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