Bonne Erbe of US News and World Report was attempting to discredit Alveda King calling her tacky and other precious names for being pro-life. Classy, huh?

King compared abortion to racism and incurred the wrath of liberal columnists everywhere. But most lib media types try to dress up their views to make themselves seem at least a little mainstream. Not the filter-less Erbe though. But that’s why we like her so much. Every thought that she has she writes down.

But check out Erbe’s logic here:

Sorry, but abortion rights and racism simply are not comparable. Racism is unacceptable and violates a basic human right. Abortion is quite something else again. I support abortion rights but I’m not sure I would go so far as to call it a human rights issue. We way overuse the terms “human right” or “civil right” to the point where everyone claims something they want and don’t have is a civil right. We are at the point where the terms are so overused, they have become meaningless. But to equate abortion with racism is so way out of whack with reality, it says more about the person using the terms interchangeably, than it does about either of those issues.

What?! No seriously, What?!

What, other than a human right, could abortion be about? We’re saying the the unborn are humans and have a right to life. Even if you’re against what we’re saying we’re clearly talking about a human right.

And now that I’m thinking about this I’m wondering what other kinds of rights are there other than human rights? Is there a difference between a right as delineated by the Constitution and “human rights?” How does Erbe make the distinction?