Rick Perry called the national debt a “black cloud” hanging over America. Insert liberal lunacy here.

ABC and NBC among others all concluded that this was an allusion to Obama being black -because you know- America didn’t know Obama was black until Perry’s clever “black cloud” metaphor.

Check out how MSNBC edited the tape to further the racist charge, even though Perry clearly says the “black cloud” refers to the debt.

ABC News reported Perry’s remark this way:

“He says he’s on a listening tour,” Perry said, “so I’m going to talk to him.”

“Mr. President, you need to free up the employers of this country to create jobs.” Perry called on Obama to “free up this country” from “stifling regulation.”

“I’m a pro-business governor, I don’t make any apologies about it and I will be a pro-business president.”

Perry warned that a “big black cloud” hangs over the country.

Nice how they left out what he was actually saying there wasn’t it?

Mediaite reports:

Veteran White House reporter April Ryan, who was recently elected to the board of the White House Correspondents Association, was quick to call Perry out via her Twitter feed, tweeting “Rick Perry’s words ‘a black cloud over this country.’ He knows exactly what he is saying and appealing to. Perry has to remember if he is President he would be POTUS over all including black america who are part of his ‘black cloud.’”

Ryan, who has been one of the most aggressive questioners of the Obama Administration, told me that this statement shouldn’t be judged in a vacuum. “People aren’t stupid. Big black cloud, take back our country, these are code words, and people aren’t stupid.”

I disagree. Some people are stupid. Very stupid. Even journalists -if you know what I mean.

But actually this isn’t a case of Ryan being stupid. This is race mongering. That’s all it is. The media will say or do anything to get Obama reelected.

But note to Perry’s campaign – Maybe the word “black” is off limits for the next year. Take that color out of your Crayola box. Oh, and you probably shouldn’t mention Kenya either.

Update: MSNBC’s Ed Schultz did finally acknowledge editing the tape badly but didn’t apologize for calling Perry a racist.