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Perry Changes Views on Abortion. Now?

A Christmas miracle? Rick Perry has seen the light? Perry reportedly just announced that he’s changed his mind and he’s now against any exceptions for rape and incest when it comes to abortion. So he’s pro-life all the way now…. Continue Reading →

Perry: End Obama’s War on Religion

I know I’m becoming the biggest flip flopper in the world but I’m seriously reconsidering Rick Perry. The dude is pro-life. He’s a tax cutter. And in this ad he’s chatting up ending Obama’s war on religion. Make no mistake… Continue Reading →

Most Painfully Awkward Rick Perry Moment…Evah!

This is seriously awkward. Even more awkward than the drunken best man speech I gave at Pat’s wedding. And Pat can tell you, that was pretty darn awkward. Here, Perry announces he’ll cut three agencies but then can’t remember the… Continue Reading →

When Republicans Attack…Republicans

This drives me crazy. The media trumps up a crazy flimsy story against Rick Perry that states that there is a sign on hunting grounds Perry used which contains a racial epithet. And instead of other Republicans denouncing this desperate… Continue Reading →

Hilarious Vid. Lip-Synching Perry

This one had me laughing out loud. Shamelessly stolen from Hot Air.

Perry Smacks Up Romney

This video does what Rick Perry didn’t seem to be able to do at the debate.

Perry Signs Pro-Life Pledge

Rick Perry has signed the Pro-Life Presidential Leadership Pledge, something I think he absolutely had to do to win the GOP Primary. And it’s something that Mitt Romney hasn’t done. The SBA-List reports: “Governor Perry has been a long-time friend… Continue Reading →

Worst Mother Evah!

Watch this very odd video of a Mom egging her child on to ask Rick Perry about evolution and creationism. And then she asks her child, “Ask him why he doesn’t believe in science?” Kinda’ weird and disturbing. The Mom… Continue Reading →

Get Ca$h if You’ve Had $ex with Rick Perry

Yeah, the GOP primary is getting this ugly. This ad is being run by a Ron Paul supporter. Despicable. I think they mean other than Mrs. Perry. And this better be the last time I ever hear the words “Ron… Continue Reading →

Hey Rick Perry Just Told Me Obama’s Black

Rick Perry called the national debt a “black cloud” hanging over America. Insert liberal lunacy here. ABC and NBC among others all concluded that this was an allusion to Obama being black -because you know- America didn’t know Obama was… Continue Reading →

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