A Christmas miracle? Rick Perry has seen the light?

Perry reportedly just announced that he’s changed his mind and he’s now against any exceptions for rape and incest when it comes to abortion. So he’s pro-life all the way now. Full in. All the chips on the table.

I like Perry. I do. But this seems a little convenient for my taste. A presidential candidate announces that he’s changing his view on one of the most fundamental issues in the world right before the Iowa primary. But hey, I’ll take it. But there’s a little bitty part of me that wonders in my little bitty brain about what he was thinking about before this. I mean, did he not really consider the rape and incest business before? I mean, they guy’s been Governor for a while and he’s been running for president for months.

But like I said I’ll take it. Sometimes these things put in a different light can make all the difference. So I’ll quiet the cynical part of my brain and just say hooray.

Hot Air reports that it was Mike Huckabee’s film that convinced him to change his mind.